Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Tet Offensive

All over the old-hat media, whorenalists and commentators are gushing over the President's so-called "admission" that the current ramp-up in Iraq mayhem might resemble the Tet Offensive.

The whorenalists LOVE the Tet Offensive.

It has been well-established beyond any doubt, notably by many comments from Vietcong and North Vietnamese veterans and officials, that the Tet Offensive was --militarily-- a total disaster for the communists.

However, it was a propaganda victory for them, thanks to the feckless American reporters who breathlessly reported it.

The old-hat media turned the tide for the North Vietnamese, and transformed a hard-fought, hard-won American victory into a defeat with biased and inflammatory reporting.

You can read Robert Elegant's memoir for more details:

Today, the media would like to do it again.

They would like to see America cut & run from another battlefield of freedom.

CNN shows enemy propaganda video -- repeatedly. Traitors were hanged for actions like this as recently as WW2.

The media provide a bully pulpit and a megaphone for any crank or kook who wants to lambaste the Administration.

Our troops are winning on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The battle at home must be won by the efforts of independent thinkers, bloggers, and commenters.

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