Monday, December 11, 2006

Who Knows More About History?

Who has a better understanding of the difficulties faced by President Harry S. Truman during the Korean War, President George W. Bush, or Senator Dick "Americans are Worse than Nazis" Durbin?

Decide for yourself.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An Election to Remember

This sixth-year midterm election is shaping up as one for the historians.

If Mr. Rove is correct, cell phones and no-call lists have changed the world of political polling forever . . but the pollsters don't believe it yet.

Americans woke up to our role in a 1300-year-old war only 5 years ago. It would be a shame to surrender now, before we are even fully engaged. And yet surrender and appeasement, along with the despicable snobbery and derision of John Kerry, are all that the Democrats appear willing to offer.

That and higher taxes to be showered on their pet social improvement schemes.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Please Help Diana Irey and Western Pennsylvania!

We received this message from the Diana Irey for Congress campaign. We are privileged to be able to pass it on to our readers. Please take heed, and act accordingly!

With just a few weeks left, Diana is poised to pull off the biggest upset since David beat Goliath — even the District’s hometown newspapers are now referring to this campaign as “Diana vs. Goliath.”

Let’s continue our fight to load Diana’s slingshot for the crucial advertising that will make the difference between victory and defeat in this critical contest.

Let’s show Diana how WE can make the difference. One Million Dollars is the goal! We are more than one million strong. If everyone we reach contributes, WE will make this happen.

Won’t you join us in helping Diana defeat the corrupt giant!

Whether you can contribute $2100 or $210 or $21 or even $2.10, every last dollar helps. Please take a moment and contribute, today, tomorrow and next week if you can.

And don’t forget to ask your friends to contribute as well.

Log on to for more information.

Send this information out to your network and let’s get this challenge moving.

The Tet Offensive

All over the old-hat media, whorenalists and commentators are gushing over the President's so-called "admission" that the current ramp-up in Iraq mayhem might resemble the Tet Offensive.

The whorenalists LOVE the Tet Offensive.

It has been well-established beyond any doubt, notably by many comments from Vietcong and North Vietnamese veterans and officials, that the Tet Offensive was --militarily-- a total disaster for the communists.

However, it was a propaganda victory for them, thanks to the feckless American reporters who breathlessly reported it.

The old-hat media turned the tide for the North Vietnamese, and transformed a hard-fought, hard-won American victory into a defeat with biased and inflammatory reporting.

You can read Robert Elegant's memoir for more details:

Today, the media would like to do it again.

They would like to see America cut & run from another battlefield of freedom.

CNN shows enemy propaganda video -- repeatedly. Traitors were hanged for actions like this as recently as WW2.

The media provide a bully pulpit and a megaphone for any crank or kook who wants to lambaste the Administration.

Our troops are winning on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The battle at home must be won by the efforts of independent thinkers, bloggers, and commenters.